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Key Features


Simple, effective RFx and tender events that deliver substantial procurement savings for your business. Reduce costs, improve ROI and ensure greatly improved operational transparency.

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Clear approval pathways and purchasing oversight that unlock significant operational value. Deliver more efficient business spending, eliminate maverick buying and create a more cost-effective requisitioning environment.

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User-friendly auction events that open up a world of procurement savings. Drive down costs, improve auction transparency and benefit from a platform that’s saved users an average 17% on auction events to date.

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Simple Solutions


Rapid Adoption

Adopted by anyone, anywhere, in just 3 days


Designed and driven by user experience

Cloud-based Platform

No expensive IT infrastructure or up-front expenditure

Work on the Go

Secure remote access and mobile functionality

Focussed Foundations

Targeted for key e-sourcing and requisitioning needs

Affordable Pricing

Subscription models that fit your organisational needs

ERP Integration

Seamless integration with established ERP systems

Simple Solutions


Rapid Adoption

Adopted by anyone, anywhere, in just 3 days


Designed and driven by user experience

Cloud-based Platform

No expensive IT infrastructure or up-front expenditure

Work on the Go

Secure remote access and mobile functionality

Focussed Foundations

Targeted for key e-sourcing and requisitioning needs

Affordable Pricing

Subscription models that fit your organisational needs

ERP Integration

Seamless integration with established ERP systems

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What our customers say

  • Ahmad Damanhury
    We conducted a reverse auction on Procurehere for the construction of a wharf and access bridge that was awarded at a cost saving of close to RM18 million. This was just one event, and we run more than 80 events a year.
    Ahmad Damanhury
    Head of Civil Engineering, Westports
  • Prasad Gnanaseygren
    Procurehere has made a big positive impact on our business requisitioning. We not only benefit from significant time savings, we’ve managed to streamline purchasing and reduce costs.
    Prasad Gnanaseygren
    Director Techsaltant Sdn Bhd
  • Jaichailan
    We weren’t sure at first about committing to the cloud-based Procurehere, but I can tell you – we’re glad we did! It makes a big difference being able to securely access the platform from multiple devices, meaning our team can work on our procurement events wherever they are that day.
    Director Bytespace Sdn Bhd

Who we are

Procurehere has been building customer-driven procurement solutions for the Malaysian market since 2002 as part of globally recognised parent company Privasia Technology Berhad. Our goal is to empower our customers with the world’s market leading simplified e-procurement solution.


We’re building simple solutions that deliver powerful results in an often complex landscape.

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Keep it Simple with a Purchase Requisition on Procurehere

Simple works, and at Procurehere, we want to make it simple for you to get your work done. That’s why we make it so easy to raise and approve a purchase requisition.

More Time to Enjoy the Benefits of E-procurement with Procurehere

In the battle to save time and money, Procurehere have created a simplified cloud-based platform that helps our customers unlock the benefits of e-procurement.

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In a world of global trade, connections really matter. We explore the international environment and what that means for procurement.

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Leading procurement departments are no longer focussed on simple measure of costs, but on the value they contribute to a business.

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Providing affordable housing is a huge challenge for Malaysia, and e-procurement can play its part in helping build a solution.

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The Importance of Fair and Balanced Tenders

We all want to compete on a fair playing field. It’s important to ensure that tender processes are clear, fair and transparent.

Global Opportunity with E-procurement for Suppliers

Procurehere’s simple supplier signup opens up an efficient world of global e-procurement opportunity for suppliers. Free until 1 July 2018.

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A clear procurement evaluation process is vital for the right strategic procurement decisions. Here’s how we support that at Procurehere.

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The benefits of e-procurement are huge, but how do you help adopt that into your business? Let’s explore easy adoption of e-sourcing.

Connected Procurement Opportunities with the IOT

We are living in a world of 8.4 billion connected things. But what does the future of a connected internet of things mean for procurement?

3 Big Examples of Common Procurement Mistakes

Tis the season to be jolly, and what’s jollier than a Christmas tree? But what can Christmas trees teach us about procurement?

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China’s One Belt, One Road is the world’s most ambitious global development project. But what does it mean for procurement?

5 Key Skills for Successful Procurement Professionals

Procurement might be a rapidly changing industry, but here are 5 key procurement skills that form the foundation of success.

Unlock Value with One-off e-Procurement Events

One-off event plans at Procurehere overcome adoption barriers to unlock the potential of simplified e-procurement for your business.

Tackling Maverick Buying

Maverick buying is the enemy of efficient procurement. What challenges does it raise, and how can you tackle it?

Procurehere Launch Cloud-based Version 7.0

The launch of Version 7.0 marks a new stage on our journey to deliver a simplified e-procurement solution which unlocks global opportunity.

5 Ways Procurehere Adds Value to Your Business

At Procurehere our goal is to deliver simple e-procurement solutions for your business. Here are 5 simple ways Procurehere helps add value.

Welcome to the Procurehere Blog

Welcome to the Procurehere blog. Explore the latest insight and procurement news from the world leader in simplified e-procurement.

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