What Customers Say about our e-Procurement Software

What Customers Say about our e-Procurement Software

Our goal at Procurehere has always been to deliver the market-leading simplified e-procurement solution for our customers.

We’re proud of the solution we delivered, and we’re proud of the positive impact it has for businesses. But it’s easy to claim we’ve delivered results, what do our customers say about the benefits they’ve enjoyed?

Testimonial by Buyers

Westports is one of the world’s busiest ports, a thriving Malaysian logistics hub which handled almost 11 million tonnes of bulk cargo in 2017. In this fast-paced environment, operational efficiency is key, which is where the opportunity for efficient requisitioning through Procurehere has a huge role to play.

“The whole approval process, from admin office to back, takes an average of 8 hours. My peers in different ports can wait for a week for non-urgent approvals to come back,” Mr. Veerakumar, Head of Maintenance & Repair, Westports.

Staying competitive in the global logistics landscape requires continued infrastructure development. Auction events through Procurehere provide a powerful platform to reduce costs on these essential projects.

“We conducted a reverse auction on Procurehere for the construction of a wharf and access bridge that was awarded at a cost saving of close to RM18 million. This was just one event, and we run more than 80 events a year.” – Ahmad Damanhury, Head of Civil Engineering, Westports.

Offering an e-procurement solution also means designing a platform that fits our customers’ needs. Procurehere’s cloud-based Version 7.0 is purpose-built to empower customers to focus on value generating business activities.

“The best thing about Procurehere is it’s all in the cloud. It gives us peace of mind to focus on what is essential to the business. Everything is taken care of including IT infrastructure, maintenance, updates and security.” Ms. Lee Hooi Huang, Head of IT, Westports.

Testimonial by Suppliers

The benefits of e-procurement aren’t limited to Buyers, our system is designed around creating an ecosystem where Buyers and Suppliers can connect to unlock mutually beneficial value.

“We have used Procurehere since 2014, and have always found it easy to participate in tenders and auctions. We’ve registered RM500,000 sales through Procurehere since 2015.” Fairul Imran Mahfoz, Sales Manager, EU Jin Sdn Bhd
“Using Procurehere has been a great experience for us since we started participating with a big client who was using it to run tenders and auctions for its procurement. From 2009 to 2016 we had registered sales of RM 520,000 through our use of Procurehere.” Teh Huat Seng, Forklift Master Industries Sdn Bhd

Procurehere is built to deliver

Procurehere has unlocked over US$1.3 billion in savings for customers to date. We’re thrilled by what customers have to say regarding the successes they’ve achieved through our user-friendly platform. Continuing to develop that opportunity is something we’re happy to testify to ourselves.

“Procurehere is a solution that is constantly evolving, working with customer feedback to streamline and simplify our processes to continue to offer the world’s leading, simplified e-procurement software.” Puvanesan Subenthiran, CEO of Procurehere

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