Welcome to the Procurehere Blog

We launched Procurehere in 2002 with one goal – to develop a Malaysian born, simplified e-procurement solution that delivered significant returns for customers across the globe. Now fifteen years on, we launched our fantastic new cloud-based Procurehere Version 7, and we are reaffirming our mission to deliver returns to customers around the globe.

This exciting journey is not one we’ve traveled in isolation. Our superb team of developers has worked tirelessly along the way to create simpler, better procurement solutions, supported by the unwavering backing of Privasia and our other valued investors. But equally important has been the continued communication and collaboration with our customers. That’s something we truly value.

We are excited to welcome you to our Procurehere Blog, a new chapter in that quest to inform and engage our audience while enabling that audience to gather and share insight on the benefits and functionality of Procurehere’s unique e-procurement software.

We want to offer a valuable resource to our readers, delivering insight into the global trends on cloud-based software, infrastructure, and procurement services that continue to evolve, and present growing opportunities for businesses around the world.

This isn’t just a one-way conversation though. Procurehere is itself a solution that is constantly evolving, working with customer feedback to streamline and simplify our processes to continue to offer the world’s leading, simplified e-procurement software. Likewise our blog will seek to continually adapt around your feedback, offering insight into the topics that matter, while curating
and creating content that will help add value to your business.

Since 2002, Procurehere has facilitated over US$1.2 billion in procurement spending, saving an average 17% per event for our customers. Ultimately, without those customers, our software would all be for nothing.

Let me end then on a thank you for reading, and thank you for your own part in making Procurehere a success. I hope you enjoy the content we explore, and please do engage and share your own insight with us. We are, after all, an organisation proudly founded on a commitment to continuous improvement.

Puvanesan Subenthiran

CEO of Procurehere