Welcome to the New Home of Simplified E-procurement

Welcome to the New Home of Simplified E-procurement

You might have noticed things are looking a little different around here? That’s because we’re delighted to welcome you to the new home of market-leading simplified e-procurement.

At Procurehere our goal has always been to deliver user-friendly solutions that offer the best possible opportunities for our customers. That same is also true of our website. We’ve adopted a fresh new look and simplified user journey that means embracing the opportunity of our cloud-based e-procurement systems is now easier than ever.

With a system driven by simple solutions that’s saved our customers over US$1.3 billion to date, we’re well versed in the power of simple. This is e-procurement born in Malaysia, built to unlock a world of global opportunity for our customers. Our new website aims to ensure that journey is a smooth one.

The Procurehere Blog has also taken up its new place on our homepage. It’s now simpler to find, and so offers a simpler path to inform your procurement strategy with our market leading insight on the latest procurement news.

Free trials leading a new look

As part of our new look we’ve also evaluated the best possible way to give you access to explore the benefits of the Procurehere platform.

We know that customers want to understand and experience our product before they buy, and we’re confident of the value our user-friendly e-procurement solution can unlock for your business.

To support your journey towards our market leading simplified solution, we’ve now opened up free e-procurement trials for all parties interested in testing Procurehere for their organisation.

For a limited time only this free trial replaces our current demonstration platform. That means you access all the benefits of e-procurement, representing your first steps to the significantly improved efficiency and cost-savings of our cloud-based procurement solution.

We’re delighted to continue our journey to deliver better solutions for our customers. Thank you for being a part of that, and we hope you enjoy our fantastic new look.