The Unstoppable Growth of the Cloud

The Unstoppable Growth of the Cloud

Are you flying with the cloud or are you still stuck down on Earth? It sometimes seems that cloud computing is taking over the world, from automated photo storage on your mobile phone to file sharing applications in your working life. But what’s the reality of the cloud?

Some people argue the cloud is the inevitable future of computing. Others are more hesitant, still committed to the data storage and transfer methods of more traditional systems. So are some people just stuck with the tape spinning out on their clunky VHS while the digital revolution takes over? Here’s the truth about life in the cloud.

What is the cloud?

Cloud computing utilises connectivity in conjunction with remote server and data storage technology to unlock a shared world of data and digital opportunity. This is about using the power of the internet to access private or public resources that are hosted on remote data servers.

Put simply, rather than software or services running directly on your own computer or on your local network, they’re hosted on servers accessed through the internet. Procurehere’s Version 7.0 is an example of this simple transition, taking the essential functionality of e-procurement software, then hosting it on a secure remote server accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world, connected via the internet.

What does the cloud market look like today?

Connectivity and cloud data services have flourished over the last few decades as businesses and individuals rushed to embrace the opportunity, creating a massive interconnected world of digital potential. Analysts Gartner reveal the startling reality of the modern public cloud services market.

The value of global cloud services has seen over 460% total market value growth in less than a decade. What does all this mean for data, and market value of the future?

What’s the future of the cloud?

In a world defined by information, the volume of shared data offers the clearest window into this expanding world. The Cisco Global Cloud Index frames the numbers behind this connected revolution.

It’s time to embrace the cloud’s silver lining

Every cloud has a silver lining, even a cloud with a tired cliché. The silver lining for your organisation is that cloud computing really does unlock a world of opportunity for business.

Cloud-based software offers flexible and easily accessible solutions to a wide range of business challenges. Being able to access purpose-built software with no significant IT infrastructure costs and no need for significant commitment of in-house resources would have sounded like a world of make-believe a decade or two ago. Now it’s an everyday reality.

If cloud solutions are all around us today, what does the data tell us about the future? That future is going to be riding high on connected solutions, because tomorrow’s business will likely be living in the cloud.