The Benefits of e-Procurement Anywhere, Anytime

The Benefits of e-Procurement Anywhere, Anytime

It’s hard to sit still in today’s modern office. Don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with the seating, it’s all about expectations. The traditional idea of an office as a physical space is transforming. The way we work is evolving to embrace digital opportunity wherever we go.

The modern office isn’t our chairs in front of a desk or the cubicle by the window. It’s not even that terrible corner where the air conditioning doesn’t quite work because Sarah over in HR got in early to take the seat with a view.

The modern office is at the end of an email, a phone call taken in the warehouse, a quick message received while you’re walking the last few metres to work. That modern office moves fast. That means unlocking the benefits of e-procurement requires a solution that’s easily accessible, and can be quickly implemented anytime, anywhere. At Procurehere we’ve developed just that solution, and we’ve packaged it so it can be adopted into your business in just 3 days. These are the four pillars that offer rests on.

By developing a cloud-based e-procurement solution, we’ve bypassed the traditional hurdles around significant IT resourcing requirements, excessive capital expenditure or upfront costs. Our simple subscription packages link you to our user-friendly e-procurement system utilising an encrypted cloud-based platform, meaning all you need is a Procurehere account, and a connected device.

We work closely with our customers to understand what it is they want, and what it is they need. We’re constantly hearing that e-procurement solutions involve overly-complex interfaces or unnecessary functionality that create barriers for adoption. What did we do? We decided to build a platform that avoided overly-complex interfaces or unnecessary functionality. This is a solution which is intuitive, easily understood, and rapidly adopted.

Procurehere’s cloud-based solution unlocks e-procurement on-the-go, enabling you to keep up to date with your procurement needs wherever you are. Alongside our secure online login, our mobile app provides simple functionality to ensure easy access and simple approval processes for all your key procurement tasks in one handy place, regardless of your location.

Our e-procurement platform is built on simple foundations to offer user-friendly solutions that meet your needs. Our handy knowledgebase provides all you require to begin adopting Procurehere into your business, while 24/7 support ensures that you can always get in touch to quickly address any challenges you might be facing.

How do you start your Procurehere journey?

If you want to explore the benefits of e-procurement with Procurehere, we’ve created this simple toolkit to help you understand how best to meet your own procurement requirements. This guide offers a walkthrough to help you understand the types of solution available, and the benefits that e-procurement can offer.

If you want to talk more directly about how you can adopt Procurehere into your business anytime, anywhere, in just 3 days, then please do get in touch. We’d be delighted to discuss how our e-procurement solution can help unlock significant savings for your organisation.