The Benefits of a Clear Procurement Evaluation Process

A clear procurement evaluation process is vital for the right strategic procurement decisions. Here’s how we support that at Procurehere.

A clear procurement evaluation process is a vital step towards making the right strategic procurement decisions. Ensuring your business has a clear defined understanding of its goals and assessment criteria is critical to engaging the right supplier for your project.

At Procurehere we understand that every organisation is unique. That means each business has individual needs and requirements when it comes to an evaluation process. The weight which you assign to certain element of a tender is unlikely to be the same as another organisation. That means the right e-procurement solution has to be flexible.

When evaluating your tender it’s important to have a well-framed business strategy in mind. It’s also important to ensure that not only do you have the right information to evaluate that tender, but that information is shared with the right people. That’s where our simplified e-procurement solution can help.

Tender evaluation on Procurehere

Tender evaluation on Procurehere is undertaken by an evaluation committee, the group of users with the assigned permissions to oversee this crucial part of the tender process. This process is overseen by the Evaluation Owner, they’re the relevant administrator for this part of the tender. That means you can easily construct the right evaluation committee to meet the needs of your project.

The evaluation itself takes place once the RFx event is closed. Procurehere pushes all the relevant documents and envelopes to the assigned evaluator(s) to ensure you can easily access the information you require to assess the bids.

We’ve worked closely with our customers in developing our user-friendly e-procurement platform. That means we realise that every company works differently. For that reason we don’t enforce any set ranking or scoring template on the evaluation process, but instead provide you with easily referenced information that you can access and sort offline to meet your own unique evaluation requirements.

The evaluation process

Evaluation is a collaborative process, and working closely with the committee is often the best way to ensure the most positive results. Procurehere provides functionality for the evaluation committee to chat while undertaking the evaluation process, as well as leave responses relating to relevant elements of tender documents. This means key decisions around bills of quantities and questionnaires are shared with those who need it, when they need it. Responses by evaluators can only be seen by the Evaluation Owner during on-going evaluation, to ensure no influence on other members of the committee.

Members of the evaluation committee can download documents to enable more detailed evaluations, allowing easily referenced comparisons of suppliers. This allows you to compare columns from a bill of quantities for quick and simple comparisons between bids.

If a particular bid is deemed to have fallen short, the evaluation committee can easily disqualify that bid, removing it from the running.

Completing the evaluation process

Once an evaluation is completed by a member of the committee, a simple completion icon will appear next to that document. This allows other team members to easily recognise that a particular item has been evaluated.

When all the information has been correlated, and a final decision has been made offline following your company’s own evaluation process, you can easily record the winner on your Procurehere account to ensure you maintain historical oversight of tenders and awards.

The evaluation process is a crucial part of your procurement journey, and we’re keen to support you to undertake that process in the way that best fits your business. That means providing you the platform to access the right kind of information, and allowing you to evaluate that information in the right way for you.