Talking Procurehere with our Product Manager

We’re on mission to create simplified e-procurement solutions. Today we speak to our Product Manager about what that means to him.

At Procurehere our goal is to deliver a simplified e-procurement solution that delivers real benefits for our customers. Behind that drive to deliver efficient solutions are the fantastic people who make Procurehere such a success. Today we meet Soalen Sittampalam, Product Manager at Procurehere.

I’m Soalen Sittampalam, and I am in charge of product management at Procurehere. That means everything from overseeing the development of our new cloud-based e-procurement solution to working to ensure we’re communicating the message to our customers of the opportunities that can deliver.

It’s been an amazing journey working with Procurehere at the time when we have just released Version 7.0. We’ve always had this goal to deliver solutions that make e-procurement easier for our customers. The cloud-based Version 7.0 has given us that opportunity like never before.

We wanted something that could be deployed easily to start with. With Version 7.0 we’ve aimed to deliver the most user-friendly solution on the market, meaning it can be deployed and ready to use by a business in just 3 days. It also has no hardware requirements, so eliminating the associated maintenance and infrastructure requirements. That’s something we were committed to from the start. It’s really the cloud-based element that makes it so special though.

Users can access Procurehere any time, from any location around the world. All you need is an internet connection and a device like a laptop, tablet or mobile. If they’re anything like me, our readers probably can’t remember the last time they didn’t have those with them! Importantly, that also removes the upfront cost of installation and training. That’s why we went down the route of offering monthly subscription costs that are flexible and easily extended, making it financially simple as well as operationally. The same goes for upgrades, which come automatically. We designed everything to be as simple as possible for our customers.

“We designed everything to be as simple as possible for our customers.”

It’s important that while we’ve been the people driving that, and I’m proud to have been a part of that journey, that it’s the customers’ needs that actually influenced our direction. We’ve evolved to develop a much more focused application than our peers, with that huge spotlight on usability. We worked closely with our market to understand what the functionality they needed was, then cut back on the clutter that can overcomplicate some rival platforms.

As Product Manager, I always had at front of mind the key focal points we wanted:

  • A simple, short, user-friendly decision and sales cycle, with payment available by credit card
  • A system which could be set up in just a few short days
  • A system which didn’t require extensive user training
  • A system which offered the right support, with easy how-to guides and 24/7 service desk

Aside from those goals, we were always conscious of the need to make this an affordable solution. We’re genuinely excited about opening up this opportunity to businesses in Malaysia and around the world. Unlocking that potential meant not creating a financial hurdle that presents a barrier to access. That’s why we were committed to ensuring Procurehere was affordable, with simple subscriptions that are easily understood.

“Our goal was to provide a better solution than the competition by being focussed, user-friendly, and affordable.”

Ultimately our goal was to provide a better solution than the competition by being focussed, user-friendly, and affordable. Going live and launching Version 7.0, knowing we’d achieved all of that, was a moment to make us all proud.

Of course Version 7.0 was just a beginning in many ways. As Product Manager my team and I are constantly working to provide a solution that evolves and adapts, enhancing the opportunities already offered with our e-procurement solutions. We’re continuing to develop towards better addressing the procurement challenges our customers face.

I’m proud of my team, and most of all I’m proud of what we’ve helped deliver for our customers. The great thing is, with Procurehere, we’re always working to improve on what came before.

Soalen Sittampalam, Product Manager at Procurehere