Surfing to SaaS – A Brief Business History of the World Wide Web

Surfing to SaaS – A Brief Business History of the World Wide Web

There are over a billion websites online today. From football forums to social media sites, the World Wide Web is bustling with activity.

It’s hard to imagine a time before browsing the web became a normal thing, but the 6th of August marks a sort of birthday of sorts for this strange pastime that now takes up so much of our time. In August, 1991, the founder of this WWW World first noted its existence to the Wider World.

In the years since, the World Wide Web has become synonymous with our modern lives, and equally synonymous with a modern business. Here’s our brief but beautiful history of business and the World Wide Web.

August, 1991 – Tim Berners-Lee publishes a short summary of the World Wide Web on the internet-based newsgroup alt.text, and invites the first users on board

February, 1992 – First use of the phrase ‘surfing’ the web by Mark McCahill

1993 – 14 million internet users

1993 – 130 websites

February, 1993 – The world’s first commercial website, Global Network Navigator, is launched

May, 1994 – The first global World Wide Web conference is held in Switzerland

March, 1999 – Salesforce is born as the world’s first true software-as-a-service(SaaS)

1996The first commercially available mobile internet device, the Nokia 9000, is launched

2000 – 401 million internet users

2000 – 17 million websites

May, 2003LinkedIn emerges as a business-driven social network

August, 2003Skype becomes publically available

August, 2006First use of the term ‘cloud computing’ by Google CEO Eric Schmidt

20051.03 billion internet users

2005 – 65 million websites

September, 2006Facebook unlocks open access to the world of social media

June 2007The first iPhone is launched

2010 – 2.01 billion internet users

2010 – 207 million websites

January, 2010The first iPad is launched

2015 – 3.22 billion internet users

2015 – 863 million websites

September, 2017Launch of Procurehere cloud-based Version 7.0

2018 – 1.89 billion websites

2018Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) market valued at US$60.2 billion