Subscription Prices That Deliver Affordable e-Procurement

Subscription Prices That Deliver Affordable e-Procurement

At Procurehere our ambition has always been to ensure a simple subscription system that helps meet our customers’ unique business needs, whether that’s for an iconic multinational or an ambitious young SME. That means all the opportunity of our simplified e-procurement system set up by anyone, anywhere in the world, in just 3 days.

Affordable e-procurement for Buyers

Procurehere helps unlock a wide range of financial and operational savings for your business. We’re proud to have saved over US$1.3 billion for our users to date, but realising those savings requires an accessible, affordable e-procurement solution that’s easily embedded in a business at any stage of its growth cycle.

Starter Pack – US$149 per month

US$149 per month unlocks access to Procurehere’s wide range of RFx, Auction and Requisitioning functionality for up to 3 users and 3 approvers.

Suitable for organisations of any size, and ready to scale up to meet the requirements of a growing business. User-friendly signup and set up alongside affordable pricing makes this the simplest, most readily adopted e-procurement solution on the market.

Additional users – US$99 per month

At just US$99 per month, additional users can be quickly added to your Procurehere subscription, providing a platform where your own opportunities grow with your business.

One-off Event – US$499 one-off payment

US$499 one-off payment provides access to our unlimited user single event pack. Unlock the value of e-procurement to deliver huge potential ROI on your subscription for one key event. This option is perfect for customers running a one-off auction or tender and looking to access the significant savings made possible by our e-procurement solution.

“We conducted a reverse auction on Procurehere for the construction of a wharf and access bridge that was awarded at a cost saving of close to RM18 million. This was just one event, and we run more than 80 events a year.” – Ahmad Damanhury, Head of Civil Engineering, Westports.

Simple sign up for Suppliers

The substantial value of e-procurement comes from providing a powerful platform for both buyers and suppliers. Our simple supplier subscriptions and signup mean that unlocking that opportunity is easier than ever.

Single Buyer – US$30 per annum

Link up with a single key customer through our Single Buyer supplier subscription. Just US$30 per annum allows you to access unlimited events from one single key buyer.

Unlimited Access – US$199 per annum

Open up a global opportunity of accessible tender and e-procurement events. Just $199 per annum provides unlimited access to all relevant events hosted on Procurehere.

“We have used Procurehere since 2014, and have always found it easy to participate in tenders and auctions. We’ve registered RM500,000 sales through Procurehere since 2015.” Fairul Imran Mahfoz, Sales Manager, EU Jin Sdn Bhd

Begin your journey to simplified e-procurement opportunity, with a free trial of Procurehere today