Simple Procurement with a Simple e-Procurement System

Simple Procurement with a Simple e-Procurement System

The simple solution is often the best. That means an e-procurement system driven by ‘simple’ is delivering the best solution for its customers. That’s the foundation on which we’ve built Procurehere.

Since 2002 we’ve been delivering outstanding e-procurement solutions to customers throughout Malaysia. In 2017 we took that evolution towards simple on to the next level, with the release of Procurehere Version 7.0.

We asked ourselves – if we’ve got a platform that delivers simple solutions to our customers, what’s the simplest solution to expand that opportunity? The answer for us was clear – we make it more accessible. So Procurehere took the exciting leap to the cloud, ensuring the user-friendly opportunities of Procurehere were accessible, anytime, anywhere.

We’re proud of our user-friendly platform, and the power of simple procurement solutions, but what’s the real value of simple?


Exploring the importance of simple procurement

Complicated systems may look impressive, yet complicated is often a barrier to an effective business system. We’re always looking to simplify business processes to make them more efficient, and the same should be true of our e-procurement system.

A 2014 procurement survey undertaken in North America, the most mature e-procurement market, highlights the challenges that complex hurdles can create:

So what difference can a simple solution make?

Delivering the benefits of a simple solution

We’re built on simple. That means embedding the capabilities you need to deliver e-procurement savings for your business, without the clutter.  Here are the key areas we focus on:

Want to explore the opportunity to unlock savings with simple procurement for your business? Get in touch with Procurehere today.