The Case of Cocoa and Supplier Relationship Management Who wants to live in a world without chocolate? That’s a trick question. The answer is nobody. But that’s the terrifying possibility as the world travels towards a potentially chocolate-free future by 2050. Cocoa has been an icon of global supply chains for centuries. It emerged in Europe in the 1500s, a wonderfully luxurious discovery...

We are the procurement thinkers and dreamers. Or are we the darers and deliverers? It’s sometimes hard to keep track in today’s confusing world of inspirational buzzwords. If you’re anything like me, you probably get tired of hunting through the jargon to find the great advice that genuinely adds value to your procurement strategy. So this year, we’ve done it for you. Here are some key pieces...

The Year of the Dog is rushing towards us, tail wagging and tongue sticking out from the excited look on its face. Malaysia is set to be carpeted with symbols of this fantastically festive time of the year, as iconic red lanterns cast their light across our streets, and majestic dragons dance and twist to the excitement of the season. Chinese New Year is one of Malaysia’s biggest holidays as...

Negotiation skills are essential to the work of a successful procurement professional. The ability to negotiate favourable contract terms contributes significantly to the value you add to your business. Even with increasing adoption of e-procurement, negotiation remains a crucial element to a winning procurement strategy. Digital solutions offer a powerful new tool to enhance our procurement...

Let’s face it, we could all probably do with a bit more simple in our working lives? I’m always struck by how often easy tasks are over complicated by elaborate procedures or unnecessary approval hurdles. Imagine if you had to get the signatures of three managers before you were even allowed to turn on your office computer in the morning? That would be madness. So why do so many businesses...

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