It’s a word that sends shivers down consumers’ spines. In some parts of the world, it’s even led to outpourings of chocolate-based betrayal at the impact on beloved snacks. It is of course shrinkflation. It’s an essential lever to balance the cost fluctuations of producing goods without passing on a price change to customers. From a strictly objective procurement point of view, we could...

An invoice is perhaps the simplest and most fundamental element of any business. Yet not every invoice is what it seems. The reality today is that face invoices are becoming an increasingly prominent procurement risk. Fake invoicing can come in a variety of forms, from external fraudsters raising scam invoices to the unfortunate cases of employees seeking personal financial gain. The...

Our modern business landscape is bursting with inspiration. We live in a world where private companies are not only working to build a better planet, but creating innovative new ways to explore beyond it. A good story isn’t all about the detail though. Just as important is how you tell it. So if you want your procurement teams to enjoy a little bit of inspiration today, here are 5...

It’s as globally widespread as water. It is an essential cog in the machine of our modern economy. There’s even a good chance you’re reading this article on a device created from it. It is plastic, and it is currently in the midst of a very global crisis. Earth Day 2018 takes place on April the 22nd, and aims to highlight the challenge created by growth in plastic waste around the world....

Innovation. What does it really mean for your organisation? Let’s go literal to start. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines innovation as: It’s all well and good defining innovation in an abstract sense, but what does the reality deliver on the ground? Innovation isn’t just some exciting drive towards robot waiters in our restaurants or delivery drones crowding our skies. Innovation is...

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