Procurement for small business

Efficient procurement processes aren’t just the realm of big business, it’s an equally important business consideration for the Small, and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) that play such a crucial part in Malaysia’s economy.

SMEs account for over 98% of all businesses in Malaysia, with over 900,000 of these enterprises providing the stable backbone of the nation’s business infrastructure. Providing efficient procurement solutions for SMEs not only helps deliver benefits for individual organisations, but enables cost and time savings that empower the whole economy.

What does efficient procurement do for SMES?

The benefits of an efficient procurement strategy are well-documented and widely recognised. According to the 2017 Deloitte Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey, the 4 key priorities for CPOs in delivering an efficient procurement strategy are:

In SMEs, where cost-savings and efficient processes are a vital determiner of success, these considerations are perhaps even more relevant. When it comes to Malaysian SMEs, the adoption of e-procurement offers an essential opportunity in capitalising on these benefits.

Meeting the procurement needs of small business

Studies of the Malaysian SME landscape clearly show a level of technological preparedness that sees them well positioned to adopt the advantages of e-procurement software. The same study revealed adoption of e-business capabilities has a direct positive impact on business performance. Crucially, the cited reasons for e-business adoption in SMEs clearly align with the demonstrable benefits of efficient procurement systems:

E-procurement solutions for SMEs

E-procurement software like Procurehere offers an opportunity to improve procurement processes that can deliver significant benefits to SMEs. A 2010 study identified 4 key cost savings for SMEs:

For all the benefits of e-procurement to Malaysia’s SMEs, adoption of ICT in business still sits relatively low. Primary amongst the barriers for adoption for e-procurement is the perceived hurdle of technology, and the challenges amongst SMEs in adopting, and being supported, to embed new technology within their business. That’s where Procurehere’s simplified solution can help.

Procurehere’s simple solution to e-procurement

Procurehere is e-procurement software driven by a mission to deliver a user-friendly solution that is easily accessible and simple to use. Our cloud-based software requires no formal training, and no substantial capital expenditure. It does not require expensive IT infrastructure or prohibitive subscription fees. Our clear pricing structure is transparent, with no hidden expenses.

Since 2002 Procurehere has facilitated over RM4 billion in spending, delivering an average 17% savings to our customers per event. Our user-friendly system delivers demonstrable time and cost savings, alongside increased transparency and improved procurement processes.

Malaysia’s SMEs are a vital part of our economy, and helping deliver greater efficiency provides a catalyst for wider growth. Enabling the adoption of ICT opportunities such as e-procurement is something that is widely encouraged, and may even qualify for financial support from organisations such as Malaysian Industrial Development Finance, with key goals to support ICT adoption in Malaysian SMEs.

We designed Procurehere to deliver the capabilities and functions that our customers need, without unnecessary and confusing functionality that alternative e-procurement software often includes. Our extensive how-to guides and support systems empower you to adopt Procurehere at the pace that best suits your organisation. That means we not only deliver an accessible platform for your procurement needs, but one which is perfectly suited to the particular challenges faced by SMEs.

Explore Procurehere with a free trial, and see how our simple e-procurement solution can help support your business growth