Procurement Benefits


More Time to Enjoy the Benefits of E-procurement with Procurehere

In the battle to save time and money, Procurehere have created a simplified cloud-based platform that helps our customers unlock the benefits of e-procurement.

The Benefits of a Clear Procurement Evaluation Process

A clear procurement evaluation process is vital for the right strategic procurement decisions. Here’s how we support that at Procurehere.

The Benefits of a Reverse Dutch Auction

Choosing the best auction type for your business can sometimes be a challenge. So let’s explore the benefits of a Reverse Dutch Auction.

New Year New Financial Support for Malaysian SMEs

With the new year comes new opportunity. Appropriate financial support is crucial to helping SMEs embrace the opportunity of new technology.

Connected Procurement Opportunities with the IOT

We are living in a world of 8.4 billion connected things. But what does the future of a connected internet of things mean for procurement?

Unlock Value with One-off e-Procurement Events

One-off event plans at Procurehere overcome adoption barriers to unlock the potential of simplified e-procurement for your business.