Procurement Advice


5 Reasons Sustainability Issues Are Vital Business Priorities

Business sustainability issues should be at the core of your business, and procurement has a pivotal role to play. Here are 5 reasons why.

The Value of e-Procurement for Procurement in Construction

Procurement in construction is all about value, efficiency and reliability. Here’s how e-procurement can contribute to those goals.

5 Unmissable Advantages of Social Media in Procurement

If you’re treating social media like a distraction, you’re doing it wrong. Here are 5 unmissable advantages of social media for your procurement function.

Procurement, Trade Barriers, and ASEAN Single Window

The ASEAN Single Window initiative aims to support intra-ASEAN trade by reducing trade barriers, so what does that mean for procurement?

5 Ways Workplace Culture Impacts Your Procurement

Procurement is a vital strategic function, but how that function operates can often be down to the support of a positive workplace culture.

5 Cautionary Tales of Failed Supply Chain Risk Management

Procurement is sometimes as much about managing risk as driving down cost. Here are 5 examples of why supply chain risk management is so essential.

5 Successful CEOs from Procurement Executive to Chief Executive

Strategic thinking is crucial to operational success, and here are 5 successful CEOs that show why a procurement executive is perfect for the job.

10 Key Questions for Effective Supplier Selection

Procurement isn’t just about unit price, it’s about building great supplier relationships. Here are 10 key questions for effective supplier selection.

What is the Value of Digitilisation for the Asia-Pacific?

Is digitilisation just jargon gone mad, or a window to global opportunity? Let’s explore the value of digital transformation to business in the Asia-Pacific.