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3 Key Procurement Strategy Predictions for 2020

Yesterday is a long way away in procurement strategy. So here are 3 key predictions to help you prepare for the future.

Dutch Auction to Global Logistics – Lessons from Amsterdam’s Flower Trade

From a Dutch Auction to global logistics, Dutch flower markets provide valuable lessons on how to make your procurement blossom.

Surfing to SaaS – A Brief Business History of the World Wide Web

At nearly 30 years old, The World Wide Web is more than a distraction tool, it has a proud history of supporting opportunity for business.

5 Sustainable Examples of Packaging Design Innovation

Packaging shouldn’t be an afterthought. We explore 5 sustainable examples of packaging innovation that reduce waste and save money.

Our AR Future – Augmented Reality Examples in Procurement

Imagine a world where our procurement reality was digitally augmented. Explore the future today, with 3 augmented reality examples in procurement.

Celebrating Satellites’ Role in Modern Procurement Planning

From 1962 to today, there are now thousands of satellites orbiting our world, and they play a surprising role in modern procurement planning.

3 Historical Lessons Guiding Great Procurement Strategy

The benefits of e-procurement offer a powerful modern tool to improve our procurement operations, but the fundamental need for a great procurement strategy is timeless.

10 Fast Facts about World Cup Supply Chain and Logistics

The World Cup is the world’s most viewed sporting event, so just us in exploring 10 fast facts about its amazing supply chain and logistics.

3 Mega Project in Malaysia and the Procurement Challenges

These 3 mega project in Malaysia show the scope of ambition, and the scale of the procurement challenges faced by our construction industry.