How to adopt e-sourcing for your business

Sometimes embracing something new can be a challenge. That’s often true in business. The potential benefits of e-procurement can be wide-reaching for an organisation. Yet often the greatest hurdle for IT adoption can be fear of change, and the particular challenges perceived of technological adoption. Here’s a simple guide on best-practice to help you through.

Acquiring an e-procurement solution

The first step in the journey is an important one, choosing your e-procurement solution. This decision-making process forms a vital part of due diligence when it comes to adopting new software. Thankfully there are system comparisons out there to help. Procurehere is a simple, user-friendly solution that aims to make that decision easy. That means your journey can begin with our buyer sign-up page, or help inform your decision with a free trial.

Sign-up and create users

Typically the journey begins with a sign-up. In Procurehere, that user will go on to become the primary Administrator of your Procurehere subscription. You’re not limited by this, and you’re able to assign new Administrators if you desire. These people are crucial for adding other users and setting up accounts.

Your total user limit is based upon your subscription choices. It’s important to ensure you have the right number of users for your expected workload and system expectations, whether that’s approval pathways for requisitions or simply create and running of events such as tenders.

Setting up the system for e-sourcing

It’s important that your primary users, namely those with the need to create events, are assigned the appropriate roles and rights to undertake this task. With Procurehere you can assign from three key default roles to help:

  • RFx creator
  • Auction creator
  • Event creator (covering both RFx and auctions)

You will also have to set up preferred units of measurements and business settings like location and time zone.

Pick a pilot e-sourcing event(s) and explore the system

It’s smart to get started with a pilot event to explore your e-sourcing systems. That helps you explore functionality without project time pressures, with a low spend value, and with the support of key business stakeholders.

Identify some low-risk events which you can undertake, both RFx and Auctions, and give your team chance to utilise this new software in a way that doesn’t expose significant operational risk.

Determine your measures of success and tracking

Your pilot provides a springboard to understanding your success. Carefully monitor system adoption and the benefits that emerge. Here are some key metrics you might want to explore:

  • The number of RFx and Auction events created, and proportion of events in the system
  • Total spend on all events, alongside comparative spend of RFx and Auction events
  • Value of savings both total and percentage of utilising e-sourcing
  • Process time reductions
  • Number of suppliers involved with events

These metrics should be assessed periodically to offer on-going insight of your change management process as well as benefits of the e-sourcing system.

Keep suppliers informed

Suppliers are a vital part of effective e-procurement. You should ensure your own key suppliers are part of the solution. With Procurehere, that means a simple supplier registration system to quickly and easily onboard your valued suppliers.

Encourage and celebrate success

Technology adoption isn’t something done overnight, it’s a gradual process which offers on-going opportunity. When it comes to e-sourcing that means helping support your staff and organisation as you get to grips with this opportunity.

Plan your pilot well and explore the potential for your e-sourcing events. Ensure robust processes are in place to measure and track your success. When that success is realised, celebrate it.

Procurehere is e-sourcing made easy. That makes it easy for your business to adopt, and easy for you to realise the benefits of this simplified e-procurement solution.