How E-procurement Makes Requisitioning Easy

We’ve all suffered the pain of slow requisitioning, whether it’s a desperate rush for ink cartridges prior to an urgent print run, or the demand for vital construction supplies holding up a major project.

The reality is efficient requisitioning is crucial to the workings of an effective, competitive organisation, from huge infrastructure projects to minor purchases. An inefficient requisitioning process creates delays that can have far-reaching consequences. If your project is held up by slow approval of requisition orders in one area, it can have a knock-on impact in others, causing a domino effect of spiralling delays and costs which negatively impact a business. Being timely can also save money; just imagine, if you’d undertaken procurement before the ringgit was devalued, you would now be celebrating some fantastic savings.

The importance of an efficient requisitioning process

Procurement is a vital, strategic part of any business. That means purchase requisition processes should be a priority area of improvement for any modern organisation. It’s important for a business to ensure this process maintains appropriate oversight and transparent audit trails while approving necessary requisitions as quickly as possible.

Requisition orders not only help organisations understand and oversee their employee and organisational spending, they also present the opportunity to inform wider savings. Understanding your company’s purchasing needs can form the basis for negotiating discounts and improved rates from suppliers.

A traditional requisition process could include several laborious steps, from filling out a lengthy requisition form, mailing or handing it over for approval, before the form itself is added to piles of paperwork that slowly travel their way through an approval process. Not only do such processes create unnecessary barriers, they also offer significant opportunity for simple human error to frustrate the process. A 2008 study estimated that human error from ‘misunderstanding’ alone cost businesses in the US and UK around US$37 billion annually. Thankfully e-procurement can help tackle that challenge.

Requisitioning with Procurehere

Procurehere helps organisations embed their requisitioning process in efficient, easily-utilised structures that ensure full oversight while offering a significant opportunity for time savings. Thanks to our cloud-based infrastructure, those requests, and approvals, can be managed from remote log-in and working locations to ensure the smooth progress of requisitions.

A purchase requisition(PR) can be raised by employees as and when required using templates designated by specific Buyer Administrators within the company. That means your templates are designed to fit the unique needs of your organisation. All relevant documents can then be attached to the PR, removing the need for additional points of work, before the PR is submitted. Once submitted the PR follows a pre-set approval route, ensuring all relevant parties have instant access to the documents for approval.

The transparent, easily-accessed nature of these purchase requisitions help Procurehere greatly reduce approval times for our customers while reducing the threat of human error. Malaysia’s largest port, Westports, has seen significant improvements in its own requisitioning process from implementation of Procurehere. Their average process time for requisitioning, from back-office to approval, has been reduced to just 8 hours. That compares to as much as a week for similar PRs in rival organisations.

Procurehere’s simplified cloud-based procurement solution not only provides an efficient, effective source of requisitioning for your business, it provides clarity and insight which traditional requisition processes struggle to match. That means more time saving for your business, and a more efficient requisitioning process which saves you money.

Make your requisitioning easy with a free trial of Procurehere today.