Global Opportunity with E-procurement for Suppliers

Global Opportunity with E-procurement for Suppliers

In a world of global trade, Procurehere’s simplified e-procurement solution supports suppliers to access international opportunity. And to celebrate the launch of our cloud-based Version 7.0, we’re offering that opportunity for free until the 1st of July, 2018.

The reality of our modern world is one where every day millions of tonnes of goods traverse our oceans and cross our skies. International trade witnessed an explosion over the last few decades, with the value of global exports almost doubling over the last 20 years. As the costs of communication and transport have fallen, a global opportunity has been unlocked for suppliers.

Over 90% of world trade today is carried by the international shipping industry. The total shipping capacity has increased by almost 25% since 2011, offering a period of historically low shipping prices. That means the transport costs for global supply and procurement are perhaps lower than ever.

Yet in today’s modern world, the scope of our global opportunity is best categorised by connectivity. With over 3.8 million internet users today across the globe, even the most specialist domestic suppliers have the opportunity to operate in this vast global marketplace. Our goal at Procurehere is to help unlock that opportunity for Malaysia’s suppliers.

How can suppliers benefits from e-procurement?

Procurehere’s cloud-based Version 7.0 offers a simplified e-procurement solution for customers both domestic and international. We might be based in Malaysia, but the opportunity we aim to unlock for our buyers and suppliers is one of global ambitions.

Our platform offers an e-procurement solution that enables a huge range of benefits for suppliers, not only linking them up to existing customers through established relationships, but providing the platform to access project tenders on a global scale.

  • Easily maintain and grow established relationships
  • Access to global tender opportunities
  • Lower costs for submitting tenders
  • Streamlined processes
  • Cloud-based access anytime, anywhere
  • Increased oversight and transparency of projects

“We have used Procurehere since 2014, and we have always found it easy to participate in tenders and auctions. Since 2015, we have registered about RM500,000 in sales through Procurehere only”

Fairul Imran Mahfoz Sales Manager, Eu Jin Sdn Bhd

How do suppliers sign up to Procurehere?

Until the 1st of July next year, suppliers can enjoy the benefit of Procurehere’s simplified e-procurement solution absolutely free. The process to sign up is simple and easily completed, enabling you to quickly begin your journey to the opportunities of e-procurement.

Our signup process allows you to self-register, filling out basic identifying details to help categorise your business. This helps ensure you’re easily found by buyers on Procurehere’s platform.

After you have successfully signed up to Procurehere you will be notified of any projects you are invited to participate in, or can alternatively search for public tenders which might be suitable for your company to bid on.

All your details and projects can be easily managed from your Supplier Dashboard, making it easy to keep track of your current work as well as previous work history. You can also add relevant documents, meaning if your company gains a new accreditation, you can quickly upload it to impress potential buyers.

We want to make a solution that’s simple, and works for you. So if you’ve got any questions, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help. When it comes to unlocking global opportunity, Procurehere ensures that opportunity starts with you.

Take advantage of Procurehre’s free supplier signup until the 1 July, 2018.