ERP Integration and E-Procurement Benefits with Procurehere

ERP Integration unlocks E-Procurement Benefits with Procurehere

There’s an undeniable competitive advantage in the power of keeping things simple. But in an increasingly crowded business landscape of complex software suites and tongue-twisting technical jargon, how do you find the right simple solution for your business? You identify the software solutions that best meet your organisational needs, and you make them work together. That’s what Procurehere’s simplified ERP integration helps build for our customers.

Globally analysis predicts that the value of the ERP market will reach US$41.69 billion by 2020. The Asia-Pacific is expected to provide a lucrative area of growth in that segment, accounting for US$9.77 billion by 2020. We want to support you to embrace that growth while unlocking significant e-procurement benefits for your company.

There’s a clear reason for this ERP growth. Enterprise resource planning(ERP) suites offer integrated software solutions that are rightly seen as the foundations of an efficient modern business. But when it comes to procurement, optimising efficiency means embedding a purpose-built platform that can deliver exceptional savings on your organisation’s procurement events.

The real magic in optimising this efficiency comes from creating the synergy between that powerful e-procurement solution, and the organisational workhorse of your ERP systems. Procurehere’s supported ERP integration service empowers you to make the most of that synergy in a way that’s simple for your business.

Procurehere’s cloud-based Version 7.0 can be easily integrated with any ERP system. It is simple, secure, and offers seamless business continuity. The integration process is undertaken through our web service API over a secure connection and using specific user authentication. It needs no longer than a month to implement, and requires no software downtime of your established ERP or e-procurement systems.

Of course simple isn’t the same for every business. Delivering solutions that work also means working to cater for your unique requirements. Procurehere’s ERP integration is easily configured and customisable to meet your specific ERP suite and key business needs. Integration allows you access to all the established processes as part of Procurehere such as purchase requests, RFx events and product and services master data. What this transformation unlocks is the ability for that key business data to integrate with your essential ERP systems.

Simple delivery means simple integration. Procurehere help support this through a dedicated ERP integration team who guide implementation at every step. For a minimal one-off fee, our specialist team can be engaged to work with implementers in your organisation, providing professional services to ensure that integration is delivered flawlessly and with no disruption to your business.

Procurehere offers the market-leading simplified e-procurement system for your business. With our user-friendly ERP integration, we’re supporting you to unlock that opportunity through seamless synergy with your established business systems. The jargon might sometimes seem complex, but when it comes to Procurehere’s ERP integration, the solution is simple.

Procurehere is the market leader in simple e-procurement solutions. Explore the opportunities of our powerful e-procurement platform and ERP integration service today.