About us

Privasia Technology Berhad is headquartered in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. We were listed on the Malaysian stock market in May 2009, and currently have over 120 IT professionals. Please view Privasia’s corporate website.

Our first version of the e-Procurement solution was built in 2001 with the mission to automate procurement processes and propel business excellence in Malaysia. Throughout the years, this proposition has evolved to what is currently our latest version, which was developed with six differentiating propositions in mind:

  • It is cloud-based, so there is no need for hardware, but rather it is accessed with a subscription fee.
  • We remain focused on e-sourcing and requisitioning unlike full-suite players like SAP or Oracle.
  • We focus on the main features of the most sophisticated players in the industry, as we have been told repeatedly that most of these are never used.
  • Our focus on key features and extensive user testing means that we have a great user experience, with an uncluttered or clean interface. Our application is the easiest to use in the market, evidenced by, for instance, the use of wizards for event creation.
  • We offer a standardized product. What this means is that we welcome your feedback and will try to incorporate it as system-wide enhancements in updates to our application, however we will not offer customization solely to any one customer.
  • Lastly it is our aim to make our pricing structure suitable and affordable to all our customers, and this takes the form of a fee per event, a fee per user/month, or an unlimited user package.

Although Procurehere is designed to be self-explanatory, however we have a full online knowledgebase for self-help. Privasia is also committed to providing excellent support and training where requested.

Procurehere targets the world market with its focused, easy-to-use and affordable tool for e-Sourcing and requisitioning.