5 Ways Workplace Culture Impacts Your Procurement

5 Ways Workplace Culture Impacts Your Procurement

Procurement is a vital strategic function, but how that function operates can often be down to the support of a positive workplace culture. A 2018 report by recruitment consultants Hays showed 37% of Malaysians consider moving job as a result of management style and company culture.

Workplace culture not only defines how we undertake a task, it often underpins the reasons behind why we do it. Understanding the landscape of that workplace culture, and feeling supported by it, can be a powerful motivator for your staff. Here are 5 ways workplace culture can impact your procurement function.


Positive communication is an important part of a valuable workforce culture, but it’s also the foundation of an effective modern business. Channels of communication that are supported and promoted for employees enable problems to be quickly identified and solutions to be robustly delivered.

Communication isn’t just about working within one layer of an organisation, it’s about providing a channel which enables alignment from the very top to the very bottom. From a procurement perspective that means your employees are in a position to understand and work towards the strategic goals of your organisation, while management are able quickly communicate changes while accessing valuable insight from operations on the ground.


We’ve all had that boss who thinks people are only inspired by brutal criticism, or the job that expects us to juggle a thousand projects then blames you when one explodes. Those environments do not encourage us to work to the best of our abilities, they simply encourage us to do the minimum that needs to be done to prevent us being singled out.

A positive workplace culture that supports and encourages employees also motivates them to go the extra mile. That means working harder to ensure that a business is delivering the best it possibly can, from procurement through to management.


A workplace that supports and encourages employees is also one which nurtures innovation. Procurement professionals have a unique insight into the supply and procurement operations of an organisation, that means they are uniquely positioned to identify innovations that could improve operational efficiency.

Promoting employees to present innovative solutions to operational problems not only makes them feel valued, it could unlock huge value for your organisation.


Motivated, hard-working staff aren’t just essential for internal operations, they form part of your wider brand image. Staff who feel supported and empowered by a business are far more likely to achieve their targets and help meet the needs of the end customer.

From a procurement viewpoint this means that motivated staff are more likely to work to meet tight targets, deliver excellence in logistics, and generally ensure a smooth running of operations that impact on wider perception of your brand.


Image isn’t simply about meeting the expectations of customers and clients, it’s about building a positive future for your workforce.

Social media, online employee review platforms and the power of internet search today mean that perceptions of company culture are widely available for prospective employees to view. If you want to attract and retain the best procurement talent in the industry, a positive workplace culture goes a long way to making you the first choice.