Still Using Manual PRs? Here Are 5 Reasons to Switch to Automation

Still Using Manual PRs? Here Are 5 Reasons to Switch to Automation

We all want a simple working life. That means simple solutions that provide the answer to common problems. So why do so many of us still use manual purchase requests for our business, which are prone to errors and don’t have transparency? As part of delivering the world’s leading e-procurement solution, we’re determined to change that.

Our cloud-based e-procurement system means your important purchase requests (PR) and purchase orders (PO) are part of a simple, transparent, and efficient process. Malaysia’s biggest port operator Westports improved requisitioning times to just 8 hours from request to approval with Procurehere. That compares to weeks for requests in similar organisations.

So you want to save time and money? Here are 5 important areas where automated purchase requisitioning can help.

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Human error

Human error is one of the biggest risks to business. Digital automation on Procurehere can help change that, with simple requisitioning templates and approval pathways that make it easier than ever to produce and complete your purchase requests.

Procurehere offers a simple setup wizard with templates to fit your needs. Use a standard template, or design your own template that meets your unique requirements. Employees can then fill in the template, attach all the required documents, and submit the request.

Thanks to clear, designated approval pathways, you reduce unnecessary steps where human error and delays can creep into your requisitioning process. No sitting at the bottom of a pile of paperwork required!


Important purchase pathways should be clear and easy to check. That means you don’t just have a simple route to follow, but you can also easily reference the purchasing that’s pending or has been completed.  

Unlike manual requests through paper or email, Procurehere offers a clear, centralised platform for your administrators and approvers to easily check and audit your purchase requests. It also provides a clear approval chain to prevent any misspends or conflicting requests. This is an important part of reducing maverick buying, tackling financial mismanagement, and providing a healthier oversight of your procurement finances.

Storage room

1 MB of storage represents around 500 pages of printed information. So where does all that paper go? Manual copies of purchase requisitions create a big storage challenge. How can they be safely secured for business, but also be easily available? Where do you store all that paper, and what happens if you spill your coffee on it? It might seem like a joke, but wait until the boss asks for that crucial purchase request from three years ago.

Procurehere’s cloud-based solution means records are centrally stored on a secure, readily accessible platform. That means even if you spill that coffee on your laptop instead, you can still securely log on from a different device and check important purchase requests.


Time is money in business. An efficient, automated purchase requisitioning process not only saves you money by reducing indirect spending, it also saves you money by reducing the time approval can take. With its simple, easy setup, approval pathways on Procurehere help speed up approval for your business while not compromising on transparency.

Once a purchase requisition is raised, it is flagged to pass through the approval route fixed by your administrator. All approvers can easily see the relevant information attached. If they approve the PR, then a purchase order is automatically raised, which designated users can download as they wish. If a PR is refused, approvers can leave a comment as to why. That request then goes back to draft form, meaning the original person who raised it can easily access and adjust it to request again.

Work on-the-go

It’s hard to do your paperwork in a taxi, and it’s even harder to get it done on the train. So how do you keep on top of an urgent purchase request on-the-go?

Procurehere’s cloud-based solution means you can access important events with secure remote login. Thanks to our Procurehere mobile app, you can even oversee and approve basic purchase requests with a simple tap of your thumb. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

What this means is that your business needs aren’t limited by your location. If you’ve got an important request or project that needs approval, your approvers have got the power to give the thumbs up wherever they might be. That’s not just efficient, it’s efficiency on-the-go.

Procurehere bring you the best

Market leading solutions come with market leading functionality. That means customers of Procurehere enjoy comprehensive and transparent purchasing requisitioning that enhances operational efficiency, reduces rogue spending, improves financial auditing, and substantially reduces the risk of financial mismanagement.

With automated purchase requisitioning through Procurehere, you can enjoy the best purchasing processes, from the best e-procurement solution on the market today.

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