5 e-Procurement Myths – Fact or Fiction?

5 e-Procurement Myths – Fact or Fiction?

We’re embracing a brave new frontier of digital opportunity. But as with many opportunities, finding the right path forward can be troubled by confusion. Even with the potential savings that e-procurement unlocks for a business, there are still misunderstandings which present huge mental barriers for adoption.

These modern-day digital myths are something that Procurehere are keen to tackle. So let’s explore 5 procurement myths and ask ourselves – are they fact or fiction?

It’s true that some market leading e-procurement solutions have traditionally been seen as overly complex. That doesn’t mean that customers should feel limited to this style of platform. The reality is that 78% of users believe a simplified e-procurement tool enhances savings potential.

Procurehere was specifically designed to provide a user-friendly and simplified e-procurement solution. It offers all the essential functionality to deliver effective savings to a business, without unnecessary and overly-complex systems that present complicated barriers to adoption.

Finding the right e-procurement solution means exploring and adopting the right platform to support the procurement needs of your organisation. The complexity of the solution is determined by your own business decisions.

No matter what solution you adopt, e-procurement should provide a complement to your vital supplier relationships, and not an end to them.

Building great relationships has been, and will continue to be, an important part of the procurement function. While e-procurement solutions provide a digital platform by which you can help increase competitive bidding and improve savings for buyers, that shouldn’t be a reason for either the supplier or the buyer to end a commitment to positive business relationships.

The global opportunity of e-procurement platforms can even go further to open up and grow positive new supplier-buyer relationships that wouldn’t otherwise be possible through traditional procurement models.

Similar to Myth 1, it’s true that there are substantial enterprise e-procurement solutions that require significant commitments of both IT infrastructure and in-house IT talent. Again, the burden of this can depend hugely on the e-procurement software you utilise in your business.

Procurehere is purpose-built to be adopted by any company, anywhere in the world, in just 3 days. Our cloud-based solution means you don’t require costly IT infrastructure or significant IT expertise within your business.

It’s important to choose the right solution for your own IT capabilities and expenditure requirements. Make sure you understand the relative burden of enterprise versus cloud-based platforms, and analyse how potential solutions match up to your organisational needs.

It’s important to view adoption of e-procurement as an investment, not a cost. To give one easy example, Procurehere has recorded an average of 17% of savings for our customers in events since 2002.

Adopting an e-procurement system for your organisation isn’t like installing an expensive new air conditioning unit. This is an opportunity to empower your procurement function to provide far-reaching cost savings that deliver real value for your business.

Procurehere operate a simple e-procurement subscription system that ensures there are no burdensome up-front installation costs or expensive financial adoption hurdles to start your e-procurement journey.  

One of the biggest worries discussed in transitioning to e-procurement is the idea of losing access to key suppliers. There’s no reason that has to be the case.

Effective e-procurement solutions like Procurehere make it simple to sign-up key suppliers to the platform, ensuring you don’t lose touch with those great relationships that are so important to your company.